These Aren’t Grandma’s Pearls

Although white, cream, pink, silver or pearls generally have a good look on anyone, they can best improve your skin fairer. Gold or yellow pearls look best on darker skin tones.

Some of the most popular types of pearl necklaces are used for Mikimoto, Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea pearls. Mikimoto pearls are the highest quality and come in different colors. Akoya pearls are often white, cream or silver, and Tahiti and South Sea pearls are darker colors. Saltwater pearls are more expensive than freshwater pearls.

Thirty years ago, beading was not as popular as it is today. Beads were viewed as something hippies wore, and were used to decorate lamps and apartments. Many people equated bead Jewelry with their grandmother’s hand-strung pearl necklace. Little did they know that grandma’s necklace is worth a small fortune today.

Lace is perfect for giving us that feminine feel, and more importantly, this enticing trend can be worn at any time of day for any type of occasion. Another plus? This ladylike fabric is perfect for pairing up with other patterns and textures.

You’re right, Conner, but sometimes, they’re not ready for it. A commitment to tell the truth doesn’t obligate you to open your mouth every time you have a truthful thought.

But pearls do find their way into men’s fashion in a number of ways. You find pearl rings, pearl cufflinks, pearl tie studs, pearl stickpins, mother of pearl watch bands, belt buckles, cufflinks and tie clasps, as just a few of the examples. There are two types of pearls. The first one is the natural pearl, which is found in nature but is very rare. The second type is the cultured pearl. This is the most common pearl and is created through the efforts of humans to introduce something that forms the “seed” into the oyster, to make the oyster or other mollusk grow a pearl. The Japanese have perfected the art of growing cultured pearls.

Wearing the necklace and accomplishing the edgy look but yet still a sophisticated look is very simple. Wrap the necklace around one’s neck however many times one wishes (a recommendation no more than three times, two times is plenty). Leave enough slack in the necklace so there is enough of the pearl’s to tie a knot at the end (tie the knot on the longest piece that is hanging). Mack the layers in the necklace uneven, and there is the edgy style that everyone is wearing.