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Can men ever wear pearls as a necklace? Let us offer you a “pearl of wisdom”(pardon the pun) about the most recent and most hip fashion trend. In Tahiti, men’s fashion includes wearing a single pearl of a nice large size that is drilled and strung on a simple leather cord and worn around the man’s neck. This fashion trend was noticed by world class surfers who visited Tahiti for the surfing and saw the local men wearing this type of pearl necklace. This style of necklace is worn by almost all the men there and it became adopted as part of surfer culture.Pearl jewelry comes in a plethora of natural tones and colors, including white, creme and rose. Silver and black-colored pearls are already found but it is very rare and that’s why it is costly too. These types of rare pearls are found only in waters of the South Seas. In diameter most of the pearls usually in between 4 to 8.5 mm.This season, lace is all about elegance, charm and sensuality without being overly girly. But, with so many styles and patterns when it comes to lace, you may be wondering how to go about capturing that sophisticated feel. Simple. Go for antique patterns that have more texture to them. You want fabric with a lot of detail and intricacy, not just a light lacy design. It’s out with the stretch and in with more traditional needle or bobbin lace. Try going for a wider net, a more unique pattern or a sturdier fabric.Basically, pearl necklaces are divided into six different lengths: choker, collar, princess, opera, rope and matinee. Usually, a pearl choker is 14 to 16 inches long and stays at the collar-bone. The classic length of this pearl choker makes it the perfect jewelry for brides. This goes very well with the bridal gowns or any other wedding dress. You can wear your pearl choker necklace with your semi formal dresses also to mark your presence in the crowd.