Using Accessories To Complete Your Wardrobe

Honora pearls are freshwater, cultured pearls. Freshwater pearls come from mollusks that are raised in the freshwater of lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.

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Comparing the real thing versus an imitation will be simple with these tips and tricks. It’s determining which type of necklace should be purchased that now needs to be discussed. Not only do they bring out your body’s features, assorted lengths will fit different occasions and clothing. A smaller, shorter necklace, will accentuate the neck. A longer one will highlight the bust area.

And last but definitely not the least Add a long, chunky necklace. Wear the necklace outside the shirt beneath the collar. Chunky pearl necklace our commonly associated with button down shirts because of Audrey Hepburn and some other stars that sports it.

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When inspecting, use a magnifying glass that will show you 10x the size. This will make it easy to spot a real pearl. They will feel gritty like sand. Colors range from pink, white, gray, yellow, and many more. Pearls that are not dyed will be more expensive than the ones who have. This is because the natural colored ones are more costly. If the overtones are pink, they will be more expensive than those that are blue or green. Overtones are the second color within the pearl.